Thanks for wandering by this part of the internet. Make yourself comfortable while I tell you the tale of Mealtime Sabotage, and how it came to be.  It started a while back over a meal.

Daniel, Evan, and Matt are friends. They work together. Daniel is an IT guy, Evan is a jack-of-all-trades, and Matt is a graphic designer. The three have lunch together regularly, and like to talk through all sorts of ideas. There aren’t really and rules for the ideas, and thats the fun of it all. The conversation simply has to be interesting.

One day, the idea for a food based card game came up in conversation. The idea seemed interesting enough, so they worked up a simple prototype deck and started playing.

Sure enough, the game was a lot of fun to play.

Over the next few months, game play continued, as did tweaks and adjustments. The game kept improving, and the three friends were getting more and more excited about the potential of the game. Which, by the way, still didn’t have a name. After rattling their brains for a while, the idea of Mealtime Sabotage floated to the top. The game is about “mealtime”, as each diner is trying to complete a meal. And boy oh boy was there sabotage involved. So, the name stuck.

On and on they worked. Soon, they reached the point where they needed an outside voice. Sure, they were confident in what they had put together, but anyone can lose site of the forest for the trees. They decided they need to have a few play testing sessions with friends and family who had never played before. Each of them took home a deck, and began hearing the thoughts of those around them. And, as you’d expect, suggestions were given, and new ideas were considered. Through the process, some more adjustments were made, and the game got better.

Now that Mealtime Sabotage was a well oiled machine, it was time for a big play test. Three tables of their coworkers were invited, and pizza was ordered. Daniel, Evan and Matt meandered the room, saying nothing. As the groups began to raucously sabotage one another, the three knew they were on to something. But where to go from here?


Kickstarter, that’s where.

The three knew that prototype images weren’t going to satisfy the demands of Kickstarter, so Matt got to illustrating. Beyond the pretty looks, there are a lot of nuts and bolts that go into a Kickstarter campaign. Daniel and Evan don’t weep at the site of a spreadsheet like Matt does, so they took over the financial and logistical side of the campaign. As images were drawn, and numbers were crunched, the game all of a sudden felt less like play, and more like work. Funny how any good idea reach that phase.

The three played the game again through the process, and were regularly reminded that Mealtime Sabotage was good enough to do the work for.  They wanted as many people as possible to play the game.

At last, the game was finished. Drawings were drawn, formulas were calculating every last cost, and the items on the check list were getting checked off.  The time had come to launch the campaign.

Scary business.

The first step with any Kickstarter campaign, in case you’re interested, is to film a video. The three friends went back and forth on how to approach thing, but in the end, decided for a simple, straightforward approach.  It is what it is, so here it is.

As the campaign ebbed and flowed, so did the emotional well being of the three friends. They were glued to their campaign’s Kicktraq stats, and at times, their moods looked a lot like the trending graph. In order to save you from a bit of the drama – here is the spoiler: Mealtime Sabotage funded with 23 minutes remaining in the campaign.

Boy was that exciting.

Mealtime Sabotage -- Kicktraq Mini

After enjoying the sense of accomplishment of a funded Kickstarter campaign, the three friends took a break from Mealtime Sabotage to invest in other projects. Eventually, though, the idea of developing the card game into an iOS app became more and more interesting. Matt and Daniel pushed forward with some rough prototype work and liked what they saw.

And here we are. An iOS app ready for the world to enjoy. If you want to follow along as the story continues, connect with us on Facebook, twitter, or get emails from us.