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If you enjoy the iOS version of Mealtime Sabotage, you’ll want to share the fun with your friends. Enjoy a laughter-filled game of sabotage and payback in under 30 minutes.

Mealtime Sabotage is the strategic card game where food is your weapon. Create a complete meal (1 Entree, 2 Sides, 1 Drink, and 1 Dessert) with the lowest total calorie count possible. But beware of your fellow diners, as they are looking to sabotage your meal!

Mealtime Sabotage includes 94 cards: 16 Entrees, 21 Sides, 15 Drinks, 12 Desserts, and 30 Sabotage Cards

Plays 2 to 4 players. Ages 8 and up. (Printed in the USA)