I have been programming on various systems for the past 20 years. Originally a Linux / C programmer working on the Internet Relay Chat software, I learned GUI development first on Windows. During that time I ported the IRC system to run on Windows Servers, though as Windows was still new to the server market it never caught on. Since the release of Mac OS X back in 2001 I have moved into Mac programming using the Objective-C language. In 2009 I began to learn C# and .NET programming for writing custom modules for the ChMS used at his church.

After making my first venture into iOS programming with an application that never went to market I returned to Linux and Mac development. In 2014 I once again began working with iOS programming and released my first App Store title.

Working on Mealtime Sabotage first as a physical card game and now as a digital iOS game has given me a much broader understanding of how things work. I look forward to continuing this project to it’s final release stage and beyond to many new updates.




I am a problem solver. I earn a living through graphic design and communications, but I enjoy tackling problems in a variety of disciplines. Mealtime Sabotage presented a very fun set of problems to negotiate. As we have transitioned the game from a print to iOS app, I have really enjoyed how the two mediums have informed each other, and am really looking forward to some revisions (and potential re-release) of the printed version.

Like Daniel, I am very excited about the roadmap we have developed for Mealtime Sabotage, as well as a few other projects we have percolating in our minds.