Weekly meetings

Matt, Evan and I are going to try and start doing (short) weekly meetings. We have lots of nitty gritty things now that need to be talked over and itemized out. We think we got a pretty good grip on what general elements need to be present and finished for a version 1.0 release. Over the next few weeks we hope to iron out the details of those general elements. We worked through a little bit this week but we are trying to keep the meetings relatively short so we stopped at an hour. Our goal is not have these meetings take away from family time or actual development time.

Part of this process will also be determining what will not go into the 1.0 release and instead be a later release. We have a couple interesting ideas for 1.x release(s) that add new features without really changing how the game itself is played. For example, we talked about moving the existing deck browser, which lets you browse the various cards in the game, into a 1.x release instead of it being available from the get go. It won’t really change the game itself but will add a new element that might let people work out some better strategies.

For this weeks’ meeting nearly everything that went on the todo list got assigned to Matt so this was a great meeting for me! Actually that is just because we only got through one of the UI areas during out discussion and not to the actual code development stuff. I think we put about 12 things on Matt’s list and 3 or 4 things were put on my todo list.


Well, generally speaking we got a lot done this week. Especially is you count everything we went over in the meeting. Matt finished up the BBQ deck and we got it implemented into the game screens (mostly). There are a few placeholder images instead of final images on some of the menu screens, but otherwise it is playable. Along with the BBQ deck we are trying a slightly different screen layout for the game board. We are realizing more and more that space is a premium so we keep making minor tweaks to the layout to both simplify the design and provide better visual feedback to the user.

We decided that we are going to do realtime multiplayer games instead of turn-based games. While the core functionality is the same either way it took a few hours of coding to make everything work with the GKMatch collection of methods instead of the GKTurnBasedMatch methods. There is a lot of testing to make sure everything will work correctly in a live match. At some point we are going to have to start regular gaming sessions to play and test multiplayer. Doing realtime multiplayer should simplify a number of behind the scenes things we need to do.

Getting Wunderlist filled up with very specific tasks for both of us to work on should help move things along much faster. It will also help us feel like we are making progress and that should keep the momentum going.

Week 12 : Daniel