Sadly, nothing really got accomplished this week on Mealtime. For example, you may have noticed that Matt never got this weeks video posted. In fact I’m not sure he ever managed to get it filmed either. Both Matt and I were sick a few days and we had a busy week at work with a special staff BBQ lunch + softball game that took up nearly an entire day of preparation and cleanup. For Matt it also took up a couple nights cooking the food.

We talked during the week and we are trying to push into getting some Multiplayer testing done. All three of us are having a hard time remembering to do that. I think we might need to set alarm reminders to remind us to spend 10 minutes each night doing some multiplayer gaming.

I have a few things on my todo list, but as I said it has been a busy week. A few of the things I need to work on, and will hopefully get to some of them this week are:

  • Visual indications of available moves.
    • Nothing that is going to make it easy to play, but we have a few cards that can only be played on certain other cards. For example, the “half side” card can only be played on sides. While the term “half side” should be fairly obvious, we have also noticed that the text can be difficult to read on smaller devices.
    • There are also a few new cards we are trying to implement, such as side swap (swap any two sides on the table) that will need some visual cues as to what the player needs to do. In this particular case it is a multi-step process so we need to help them along a bit more than normal so they know what to do, at least the first few times.
  • Deck browser improvements.
    • The deck browser is functional, but super limited. You can’t select which deck, you can’t see any info about the cards, etc. We would like to make it a bit more useful for the user so they can see some extra information and details about how to use the card (especially again with those sabotage cards).
    • We have also been talking about adding some nutritional information to the card that can be found in the deck browser. Again nothing fancy, but just some info on how we came up with the calorie count we did and in some cases why. We have a few foods that even we were surprised at the calorie count until we did some research to discover what was in the food that either made it higher than expected – or sometimes lower than expected.
  • Record sound effects.
    • We have no sounds right now. Not even menu sounds. We need to generate some sounds so we can put them in and see how we like them. We need both menu effects as well as game play sounds. For example, in the physical card game we have a card called the “clumsy waiter” that removes all drinks (if I have my cards correct) from the table. An obvious sound effect to go along with that is the sound of dishes falling and breaking.
  • Save and use the custom character image.
    • We have the character builder, but it doesn’t save what you have created and it doesn’t use it anywhere. I need to add in the code for that to happen.
  • Options Menu.
    • We need an options/config menu. We have the button for it on the main menu but it doesn’t do anything. We need to get that designed and built up.
  • Implement special attack cards.
    • We have a number of “special attack” cards. These were just regular sabotage cards in the physical game but for the digital game we think it makes more sense for them to be special cards that you somehow earn. Either way, they are not implemented yet. To name a few of the cards:
      • Remove all sides
      • Remove all entrees
      • Remove all drinks
      • Remove all <250 calorie cards
Week 10 : Daniel