Easter is afoot

There are days and weeks as a programmer when you are just smoking hot. Times when the code just flows off the tips of your fingers. Your source code repository’s history is incredible, full of so many commits that week. This… is not that week.

This is one of those weeks where I’m trying to remember if I even fired up Xcode the entire week. It was a rather long week at my day job. Easter is right around the corner and that means lots of things to get ready. Really didn’t have time to do much work on Mealtime other than play a few games over lunch to test things out. Looking at our history in Slack, it seems I did accomplish one small thing, but that is a rather small accomplishment for a 7 day week.

We did manage to get a very basic currency system going. When I say basic, I do mean basic. You gain currency by winning single player games. Yep, that’s it. That is the extent of my accomplishments this week.¬†With Easter this weekend, I don’t expect to get much done over the weekend, but hopefully once that is past I can get back to spending some time programming again.

Parse.com Updates

1+1=3Quick update on Parse.com as well. They have a bug in their debug symbols uploader (go figure, a bug in their bug handler). Seems their tools don’t know how to handle an application with a space in the name. Because, you know, I’ve never seen an iOS app with a space in the name. Have you? Meh, whatever. They said they are working on a fix so hopefully that will be out soon so I can start getting useful debug information back.

I spent some time trying to cheat the system with Parse. I was hoping to be able to read data before saving it to make sure everything was in sync. Since that was going to cost me 2 API calls total, I figured I would look at the Cloud Code functionality. One call to the cloud call API and it loads the record, verifies all the changes are sane, and then saves it. One API call. Made sense to me.

Didn’t make sense to Parse. They counted the API call to the cloud code function. Plus they counted the internal read record call. Plus they counted the internal write record call. So much for that theory. I still like Parse and what they have to offer. Sadly that meant my save operation became a cost of 3 API calls instead of one, or possibly two. I sort of get charging for an API call if I make a call inside the cloud code since that still hits the database. At the same time, if you are going to charge me for that then don’t charge me for calling the cloud code function. Or at least only charge me if I don’t make any internal API calls.

It works extremely well despite the bugs and shortcomings (well, I consider them shortcomings). While the admin dashboard is not a responsive design, it still works fairly well on an iPad. Not so much a phone, but works okay on the iPad. This means I can remotely monitor statistics and data.

Week 5 : Daniel